Business Kit Details Here's what you get: Two detailed bound and tabbed volumes with over 500 pages Topics covered in the manuals include: 1 - Introduction to the ins and outs of the Health Insurance Industry; everything you always wanted to know      about health insurance.   2 - The Medicare Maze - a detailed section on Medicare that takes you step by step through this cumbersome bureaucracy.   3 - Medical and Insurance Programs - This section enables you to develop a comprehensive understanding of Medicare,      Medicare Supplement Insurance, HMOS and other managed care programs, Medicare HMOS and Government related      programs including Medicaid and Champus.   4 - The Health Insurance Claims Process - Learn how a claim gets through the system - starting from where the service is      initiated (doctor's office, hospital) to the insurance carrier and back to the patient.   5 - The Claims Professional's Tracking System - What is the day-to-day activities performed for your clients? You will learn how      to set up a client account, obtain information about you client's insurance, and work on claims and appeals.   6 - Case Studies are presented to help illustrate the process and the variety of types of situations that the CAP will encounter.     Standardization in the insurance industry is not common. This section offers a variety of real life situations from which to learn.   7 - General Businesss Planning - Information on Licensing Requirements, Legal Structure, Developing a Business Plan,      Start-up Expenses, Setting up Your Office.   8 - Pricing The Service - Should you charge a flat annual fee, and hourly rate, a percent of recovered reimbursement or a      combination of these methods? A detailed discussion of the pros and cons of each approach will enable you to make      the best decision.   9 - Marketing The Business - Provides details on how to target your markets, developing and creating collateral materials     (including brochures and flyers) advertising and public relations activities are also highlighted with sample ads.   AND THERE'S MORE....   Computer Disk PC Compatible Disk or CD includes ready-to-use template of forms, contracts, letters and agreements. You can also customize the various templates.   Medicare Handbook and Guide The authoritative source for Medicare guidelines and explanations. This is an excellent summary of the Medicare Program from the beneficiary's perspective.   The Successful Presenter By William Draves This book provides an excellent description of how to develop an effective and successful presentation. As a CAP, you will have  the opportunity to make presentations to individuals and groups. This book will help you get prepared. (This publication is no longer available)   Bonuses Available IF YOU MENTION THE WEB WHEN YOU ORDER YOUR BUSINESS REFERENCE PACKAGE YOU WILL RECEIVE, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, THE FOLLOWING BONUSES VALUED AT OVER $300: Two Video Cassettes These professionally produced videos or dvds complement your manuals giving details about the sections in the work books. This is an excellent addition to help you review material found in the written manuals.   Business Development Start-Up Kit Provides information on how to apply for an SBA Loan, the importance of good record keeping, how to price your products and services, and how to plan effectively. A resource directory for small business management is also included.   Free Telephone Technical Support 1-hour of consultation to help answer any questions   The Entrepreneur's Guide To Business Planning This is a comprehensive guide to developing a business plan. You will learn how to organize and prepare you plan. By having a business plan, you will be provided with a logical direction for your business. Reading and Understanding Financial Statements This will help you understand the three most important financial tools you will have to make the most appropriate decisions for you business. You will learn how to interpret and use the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and the statement of cash flow.   Next      Back Copyright © 1998 Claims Security of America